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Alan Bateson

Race Director/ Running Coach

In addition to our events, Alan is also a running coach. He has a wealth of experience, not only as an ultra runner, but with a background in road and fell running.

Each runner he coaches, is given a personalised plan in four week blocks. He works with them on an individual basis, depending on the event/events that the client is training towards. 

Ideally, the client will commit to a minimum of three months to achieve real progress.

As your coach, Alan will work with you in an adaptable way to help you towards your goals. We all know that life gets in the way of training, and he will help you navigate those times where you veer off plan. 

Having a coach is not just for elite athletes, it can help any level of runner improve, have some accountability, give structure to their training, and train specifically towards an event. 

For more information and prices, please pop an email to:

5k or 50 Mile, whatever your objective, I can help!

Hi, I am Aan, and I am am ultra runner, and running coach.

Client Testimonials

DDean says...


"A good coach will give you a training plan and help you stick to it, a great coach will give you a training plan and adapt it as you grow, taking into consideration, response to training, personal goals, and the need to balance training and results with enjoyment and everyday life.

Well, that is exactly what I got when working with Alan. His attention to detail was second to none, week by week I got a straight forward training plan, that fit in with me and my other commitments, that set some great challenges and continually pushed me closer toward my goals.

I have not only improved my running, but I have also learnt about nutrition, mindset and different techniques to complement running and every day life skills.

I would highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to improve their running, and are looking to take themselves to the next level; I am so glad that I reached out to Runningmonk Coaching, and look forward to continuing my plan and reaching my full potential".

Kathy Says...


"In a  moment of madness, I decided to set myself a challenge for my last big Birthday - run 50k in my 50th Year. I had no idea where to start, which event I would do, or how to prepare. I looked at lots of events, but most of them had a cutoff point, and then I came across Alan and his Runningmonk Trail Events 50k Ultra.

I reached out and got in touch, and what made me want to do the event was how encouraging and reassuring Alan was, telling me that the event had no cut off, and if I was willing to push through, he would be willing to stay as long as it took for me to cross the finish line.

I also signed up to Alan's training programme. This was a bespoke plan that worked around my commitments. His plan offered such good value for money, and a monthly plan broken down into weekly blocks has really built my endurance and trail fitness. The plan even included monthly meet ups where we would run together, all the way he was offering me tips on form, sleep, nutrition and stretching. 

At no point did I ever not want to stick to his plan, it has been varied with road, hills, intervals and trail sessions, It is never boring! It has certainly challenged me, but with Alan's experience, enthusiasm, encouragement ,ongoing advice and guidance, I am going to be on the start line of my first ever ultra, knowing that with his input, I am as prepared as I can be, and who knows, I may even enjoy it".

Janey says...


"I  cannot express how lucky I am to have Alan as my running coach.

Before I met Alan, I had ran in the past but due to multiple injuries, I started to hate it, BUT Alan has made me fall in love with running again.

I had never experienced trail running and when we first met, Alan said he would make me a trail running forward 7 months and running in the hills has become one of my favourite things to do.

Alan is a genuine, lovely person and a true inspiration. I am always in awe of his own running abilities and determination.

Extremely approachable, friendly and a super knowledgeable guy! I could not wish for a better running coach. He guides and encourages me massively to help me reach my full potential.

I shall soon be running my first ultra marathon, this will be an absolute dream and there is no way I could have done it without the magic behind Runningmonk Coaching".

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