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'The best trails Shropshire has to offer'

We are a running event company based in Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. We are founded out of our love for trail and long distance running, and a desire to showcase our beautiful local countryside and trails.

We have a true passion for running here at Runningmonk Trail Events, and want to make our events as inclusive and open as possible. We care about all of our runners and believe that running is for everyone.

We have no cut off times, so if you enter and are prepared to keep pushing forward to the end, we will be there with a smile as you cross the finish line.  

Our mission is one of inclusiveness, with the aim of encouraging people to try their first ever running event whilst giving experienced runners a great day out on a fantastic course, with a friendly and happy vibe.

We first met on Hay Bluff, on a group run, during the month of September 2020. The rules surrounding Covid -19 had slightly relaxed, meaning that we were able to meet in groups of six. We ran 12 miles together that day, and have been inseparable ever since!


We both have a passion for running, especially long distance, and it was not long after one of my (Alan's) ultra challenges, which saw me complete177 miles of The Offa's Dyke for charity, with Katie crewing me, but also running 70 miles of it herself, that we realised we both wanted to build a life that suited us, and our passion for running. Running the Offa's Dyke and sharing the experience together, had strengthened our growing bond, and our love for running, and Runningmonk Trail Events was born.​

Running has contributed to our own mental wellbeing, helping us through many periods of life, by becoming a coping mechanism for dealing with issues such as, grief, drug misuse, alcoholism, break ups, anxiety, depression, and many other situations we have both found ourselves in. Even during life's toughest and most vulnerable moments, running has become a constant reminder of how strong our bodies are, how powerful our mind is, and has become a space to reflect on how far we have come, rather than how far we have left to go. We really are capable of anything. 

Our Story!
Finding Inspiration in every run.

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